5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Plants for Pavers

Does your landscape have pathways? If so, you may have a lot of real estate left empty in your landscape. Yes, that’s right! Pathways can be a great place to get some plants into the landscape. Now, we are not saying to grow plants on the pathway itself but more like a boundary. Growing plants on the pavers make the landscape look lush and green. It also brings symmetry to the landscaping design Barrie. Hence, if you still haven’t invested in growing plants at the pavers of the pathways, you may want to do it now. And here are some things to consider when selecting plants to grow in the pavers.

  • Foliage

    landscaping design Barrie

    Landscaping Design Barrie

Choose plants that can offer dense coverage almost like a carpet. Moreover, choose plants that have vigorous growth but are not invasive. The plants mustn’t overpower healthy plants in your landscape. Instead, plants should cooperatively grow with other plants along the pavers.

  • Height

When choosing planters for pavers, pay close attention to the height. Choose planters that have a height of flat to 2 inches tall. Having planters in this height range will ensure your pathways are still visible. If you choose taller planters, your pathways will look like they are sinking. It can also trip the people who use the pathway frequently. Always remember, the larger the pavers, the taller plants you can have.

  • Little to No Maintenance

Choose paver plants that don’t need much maintenance. You want plants that can maintain themselves and are not so prone to weather changes.

  • Hardiness

Several Barrie landscaping companies strongly suggest using planters that have high hardiness. This means that the planters must be able to withstand weather challenges. And they must be able to take the occasional trampling by paw or foot.

  • Design

landscaping design Barrie

Landscaping Design Barrie

When choosing planters for pavers, it must complement the current landscape design. The color of the planters must complement the colors of the current flowering plants. Moreover, the pattern and colors of the planters must also complement the design of the pathway. It must be congruent with the pathway material. The planters mustn’t clash with the pathway and landscape design.

Now that you know how to choose the planters for your pavers around the pathways, you can start looking for common planters right away. Or you can get in touch with us at Hard Rock Landscaping. We are a leading landscaping company in the region offering high-quality, professional, and tech-driven landscaping services. We use different elements such as armour stone Barrie, retaining walls, driveways, pathways, and more to deliver magnificent landscaping designs.

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