Five Budget-Friendly Ways to Garden Design in Barrie

Finally, you have a house that offers a garden space for you to grow your favourite plants. Although you are excited to have your own lush green garden, one of the biggest questions looming over your head is how to budget garden design Barrie effectively. 

There are a few striking ways that you can use to design your garden that will cost you nothing. We share a few of the ways with you in this blog post. 

  • Vertical Gardening

Instead of your traditional gardening, try creating a living wall with vertical gardening. Get plants in smaller pots that can be hung on the walls. Or get some fast-growing climbers that will cover your fence quickly to create a private yet stunning environment for your house. 

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  • Bright Flowers in Small Pots

This is one of the most budget-friendly methods to design your garden effectively. Just get some pots with bright flowering plants and set them up in different corners of the garden. You can also create a focal point with these flowering plants in your garden. Even our expert landscaping design Barrie expert says that getting flowering plants is the easiest way to make your garden attractive at the lowest prices. And you can also change it up if you want. 

  • Create a Kitchen Garden

If you already like gardening, you might be interested in creating a kitchen garden. Buy younger plants that are beneficial for your kitchen and offer you fresh produce. Take good care of these younger plants and see them grow quickly. As soon as they start fruiting/flowering, you will have a lush green and healthy garden. Also, younger plants are cheaper as compared to full-grown mature plants. 

  • Get Some Seeds or Buy Self-Sowing Plants

If you don’t have the budget to buy pot plants, you can always buy seeds and sow them in your garden to see them grow. It will be very rewarding to see plants growing from the seed you have nurtured. Also, you can find some self-sowing plants that will spread their seeds on their own. If you find such a plantlet growing at an unwanted location, just remove them and plant them wherever you want. 

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  • Call a Professional

Now, you can’t deny the fact that a professional gardener or landscaper will certainly be of help. They can help you design your garden effectively and on budget. In fact, they will come up with new budget gardening ideas that you can’t even think about. However, make sure to always negotiate with them as certain prices are usually flexible. In fact, hiring them for just one day can make a huge difference in your garden design. 

Just like at Hard Rock Landscaping, where we offer our landscaping design and gardening expertise to homeowners in the region. As one of the leading Barrie landscaping companies, we offer high-quality yet budget-friendly landscaping and gardening services. Contact us now to know more.