Barrie Landscape Design – The Six Principles

A beautiful lawn and landscape doesn’t happen by itself. Barrie Landscape DesignYou need a conscious effort and expert skills to create a truly jaw-dropping Barrie landscape design. Hardrock Landscaping can help you with that. All you need to do is bring in your ideas, plans or even just thoughts, and we will make sure that we get your design turned into reality. One thing that makes our Barrie landscape design better than the rest, is that we follow the six principles of perfect designing. (Along with CAD technology to aid our design!)

Let us walk you through these six principles that help us in designing a stellar Barrie landscape design for you.

Unleash the Six Principle of Your Landscape



When we start finalizing the design, we make sure we remove every element that adds no form or functionality. If the element isn’t giving you something, we keep things simple and remove that element of your design.


Now, this might seem difficult to manage with simplicity, but our experts know how it’s done right! We have years of experience in using variety, to create stunning visual effects without compromising on quality.


We know how to use different plants and features, to accentuate the right aspects of your property. Our designs are aimed to highlight what deserves emphasis, and the rest can just be a part of the complete ensemble.


We make sure that when your Barrie landscape design transitions from element to another, it is not an abrupt change. We make sure that the transition is visually appealing and looks natural with the right sequencing of elements.

Barrie Landscape Design

Landscape Design Barrie


You don’t want a large tree or wall taking away the focus from everything else, right? Our experts make sure that never happens with you. We scale all items and elements in your landscape design, and make sure they are proportionate and never look out of place, too large or too small to be noticed.


We know it can happen that in a bid to add several elements, the complete look of your Barrie landscape design turns out to be unappealing. Not all elements go together and can be used in the same design. We make sure that the elements that you choose are used in a unified format and thus, the whole look is maintained.

Now, if you cannot wait to see your landscape turned from drab to fab, you just need to give us a call at 705.440.9515. And then, we can look after everything for you. Contact us now!