7 Steps to Build a Small Pond Using a DIY Approach

An ideal landscape design Barrie consists of a varied choice of plants and trees along with flowerbeds, retaining walls, decorative pieces, sitting arrangements and more. In addition to this, having a lovely small pond in your garden landscape can increase the overall appearance and aesthetics. And you can have it in your garden landscape!

Here’s how you can build a small pond in your garden (DIY approach).

Garden Ponds

Garden Ponds

Things You Will Need

  • A suitable garden area
  • A wooden plank
  • Butyl rubber pond liner
  • Pond plants of your choice
  • Large rocks
  • Spirit level
  • Builder’s sand
  • Mini-digger or spade
  • Water

Steps to Build Your Small Pond DIY

  • Find the Area and Start Digging

Start by choosing the area in the garden where you want to dig the pond. It is advisable to choose a warm and sunny area for the pond to make a great habitat for pond plants and water wildlife. Once chosen, start digging using your spade. Keep your wooden plank across the hole along with a spirit level on the top. This helps you ensure the ends of the hole are at a level.

  • Layer the Builder’s Sand

Once you have reached your desired depth, stop digging. Remove any sharp stones and objects. Layer the bottom of the pond with builder’s sand. Save some sand for later steps.

  • Drop the Pond Liner

Before you drop the liner inside the pond hole, make sure to dig a trench at the edge of the pond. Put the pond liner into the hole. Tuck the ends of the liner under large rocks. This will help you include other elements of the small pond efficiently and blend it in the existing landscaping design Barrie.

  • Fill the Bottom with Sand

The builder’s sand you saved in step 2 will be used to fill the bottom of the pond after lining it with the liner.

  • Fill the Pond with Water

You can now fill the pond with water. You can use rainwater or use a tap to fill the pond. However, when you are filling the pond with water, you need to leave it like that for a few days before introducing anything else. This is because the butyl liner will swell and expand. This is the perfect time to fill the trench with soil, turf, and flagstones.

  • Introduce plants
Garden Pond Plants

Garden Pond Plants

Choose appropriate pond plants and introduce them in the pond. Do this after 1-2 weeks of filling it with water.

  • Watch Plants Grow and Wildlife Visits

Now, you can sit back and watch your plants grow. Moreover, you will also find pond wildlife visiting your small pond, especially during spring and summer. Make sure you make a sloping ramp while digging the pond to make it easier for wildlife to go out.

Making a small pond in your landscape is a great addition. If you want professional help with building your pond, you can get in touch with us at Hard Rock Landscaping. We offer ideal landscape services Barrie to residential and commercial properties in the region.

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