Outdoor Lighting Barrie – 6 Ideas to Illuminate Your Backyard

Do you have a beautiful landscape in your backyard? If yes, don’t forget to light it up with the most amazing outdoor lighting Barrie ideas! Your beautiful backyard is worth to be displayed and making your neighbours jealous. After all, you have built an exceptional landscape to become the talk of the neighbourhood (wink, wink)! So, why are you compromising on the amount of lighting your backyard should have? You can contact us at Hard Rock Landscaping for assisting you in lighting up your beautiful backyard professionally in Ontario.

But before you call us you might want to know some excellent outdoor lighting Barrie ideas. Here are 6 ideas for backyard lighting that will bring light in.

Outdoor Lighting Barrie

Outdoor Lighting Barrie

Path Lighting

Accentuate your walkways with path lighting. These lights are installed on both sides of the walkways starting from the front to the backyard. This is a great way to illuminate the walkway in the dark and highlight its design. This lighting will highlight the type of small plants you have around the walkway.

Security lighting

Scare away any wildlife or burglar with security lighting. This type of lighting is installed on the walls and illuminates a larger area in the backyard. Find high spots in your backyard such as above your garage door, or near your walkways.

Outdoor wall lighting

Illuminate low sitting areas with outdoor wall lighting. This is a low voltage outdoor lighting Barrie best to bring light in dark areas. Install outdoor wall lighting near any staircase or poolside.

String lighting

Have you created a dinner setting in your backyard for some warm, intimate evenings with your family? Well, illuminate this region using string lighting. At Hard Rock Landscaping, we provide a wide range of waterproof string lighting that can bring comfy light to your backyard.

Outdoor Lighting Barrie

Outdoor Lighting Barrie, Ontario


Have an ornamental feature in your backyard or a unique plant that you want your guests to see? Install high-quality spotlighting. This outdoor lighting Barrie is a low, moderate to high-intensity lighting fixture. And you can find installation assistance with us at Hard Rock Landscaping.

Deck lighting

If you have a deck in your backyard, make it easier for your guests to get up and down with deck lighting. This type of lighting will remove any visual clutter and enhance the unique features of your backyard.

No matter your backyard outdoor lighting Barrie ideas, we at Hard Rock Landscaping will install it with the utmost proficiency. We have been creating the finest landscaping designs in Simcoe County since 2011. With our tech-driven design solution and professional team, your home will have a beautiful landscape in no time.

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