Interlock Barrie Bricks: Excellent Choice for Creating Finest Patios

Interlock Barrie

Interlock Barrie

Have you been thinking of upgrading your patio but are unable to decide between interlock Barrie bricks or concrete? At Hard Rock Landscaping, we prefer working with interlocking bricks for a beautiful patio with exciting designs and patterns. Interlock bricks are quite versatile and make it easier to create fascinating patterns that are not possible with concrete. So, it is a simple choice for you too. Choose interlock Barrie brick for creating exceptional patios, driveways, and walkways at your home in Ontario.

Currently, on the market, there are four types of interlock blocks you can choose from.

  • Type A

This type of interlock block has straight vertical sides that do not lock into each other. This includes simple square, rectangle interlock blocks, and more. You can create aesthetically pleasing patios with this interlock Barrie block.

  • Type B

This type of interlock block has straight and curved surfaces. When they are placed in a pattern, these straight and curved surfaces will fit into each other creating a beautiful patio.

  • Type C

This type of interlock block has curved and corrugated surfaces on all sides. Depending on the pattern you want, these curved and corrugated surfaces will fit into each other creating an amazing pattern.

  • Type D

Interlock BarrieThis type of interlock block has two shapes, namely, ‘L’ and ‘X’. All the surfaces in these two shapes are curved and corrugated that fit into each other when put in a pattern.

You will find all these types of interlock Barrie bricks with us at Hard Rock Landscaping. We have always provided the highest quality of interlock blocks to all our customers and created amazingly beautiful patios, walkways, and driveways.

Apart from being easy to create patterns, interlock blocks also have several benefits. Some of the benefits that you will get by choosing interlock bricks for your patios are:

  • Interlock bricks are quite low maintenance. Even if they get damaged, you just replace the damaged bricks, and your patio is good to go. You don’t have to redo the whole patio, unlike concrete.
  • Interlock bricks make it easier for the soil to absorb rainwater. So, they are environmentally friendly.
  • You have numerous patterns, and colours to choose from. So, you can go wild with the ideas you might have for patio design and patterns.

At Hard Rock Landscaping, we always suggest our customers choose interlock Barrie bricks for creating the finest patios and walkways. Based in Simcoe County since 2001, we have already created remarkable patios and walkways using interlock bricks.

You can check out our gallery to look at our previous successful projects. Contact us now to know more!