Landscaping Design Barrie: Five Elements You Must Include

Do you want to create an aesthetic landscaping design Barrie? If so, you need to ensure that your design includes the five elements: Line, Texture, Form, Scale, and Colour. If you balance these five elements perfectly, you will have an aesthetically pleasing landscaping design Barrie for your home or commercial property.Landscaping Design Barrie

  • Line

When you want to control the movement or highlight a particular design feature in the landscape, you need to include a line. A line can take different forms. It can be straight, diagonal, horizontal, curved, and more. Each form of the line will give the landscape a different and unique look. So, always include a line in your landscape design

  • Texture

Softscape or hardscape: texture applies to both. In terms of texture, we are talking about design and plant features. For example, you can install hard, soft, heavy, light, course, or fine texture in the landscaping design Barrie. You can use plant leaves, bark, flower, stone surfaces to give texture to your landscape. This will help you add a layer of dimension to the landscape design. 

  • Form 

The third element of a good landscape design is in the form. You can use soft and hard textures to give form to your landscape. For soft form, you can use freeform, round, upright, groundcover plants. For a hard form, you can use stone paths, pergolas, and retaining walls of different heights. A perfect combination of soft and hard forms will balance the overall look of the landscaping design Barrie

  • Scale

You always need to consider the scale of hard and soft forms of the landscape design. The forms must complement the size of your house along with the existing landscaping area. Different heights and sizes of landscape components must be selected carefully to complement the house.Landscaping Design Barrie

  • Colour

The eye-catching element of the landscape is the colour. This key element must be emphasized upon while landscaping design Barrie. You need to consider the four seasons while incorporating colours in the landscape. While you must have flowering plants that bloom in the summer and give beautiful colours to your landscape, you also need to have conifers and evergreens for other seasons. 

Apart from softscape, you also need to consider the colour of the hardscape. Do you want a bright blue pool or subtle natural and pastel retaining walls? Consider this before incorporating colour in the landscape. At Hard Rock Landscaping, we will be glad to help you incorporate these five crucial elements in your landscape design. We use computer-aided technology to design your landscape and give high-quality services. Contact us now to know more.