3 Mistakes to Avoid When Planning for Garden Design

Having a beautiful and aesthetically pleasing garden design Barrie is essential to increase the curb appeal and monetary value of your property. So, if you are investing in garden design services, you are making the right decision. However, you must ensure that you develop and implement a garden design plan with the right elements to get the best results. Most times, people make certain typical garden design mistakes that can impact the overall appearance of the garden and thus the property.

Here are 3 mistakes you must avoid while implementing a garden design for your property.

Mistake#1: When Colors Clash

garden design Barrie

Garden Design Barrie

Who doesn’t like bright and vibrant flowers in their garden? Brightly colored flowers are a great addition to the garden as they not only beautify the space but also have a positive impact on your mental health. However, when these colors start clashing, it can create a color imbalance which can throw off the whole look. The best strategy is to avoid clashing colors, for example, use orange, yellow, and white colored flowers on a dark house background whereas use blue-, red-, and purple-colored flowers on a light house background.

Mistake#2: Too Many Even or Odd Number of Plants

Too much of anything is not always the best! And the same goes for the number of plants in the landscape design Barrie. Too many even or odd numbers of plants can build asymmetry in the design. However, if you plan properly, planting an even-odd number of plants in certain areas can be beneficial. For example, even number of plants can be a great choice for walkaways to draw attention. However, the remaining landscape has an odd number of plants to give it a natural look.

Mistake#3: Lack of Plans

landscape design Barrie

Garden Design Barrie

When you are renovating the garden, it is imperative to have a plan. You don’t want your garden to look like a hodgepodge with random plants growing and flowering. You want them to be organized. Even if it has an asymmetrical design, there is some element of organization. Hence, make sure to always have a plan for garden design and a method to implement the same.

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