4 Types of Landscape Stones to Bring a Charming Look

Landscape Stone Barrie

Landscape Stone Barrie

When renovating or designing a new landscape, you have the chance to add stunning landscaping elements such as outdoor lighting, a pool, a fountain, local and exotic planters, and more. One of the landscape elements that doesn’t get much attention during landscape design is landscape stone Barrie. There are a wide range of landscape stones to choose from and add to the landscape design. Such stones can be used to create beautiful structures such as retaining walls, pathways, walkways, driveways, and more.

But do you know the types of landscape stones available in the market?

If not, let our experts shed light on some of the options available to you. 


With a sandy look and multiple colors to choose from, Sandstone is one of the top choices of several homeowners. Sandstone can be used to distinguish lines and add drama to the overall landscape design. One of the most common types of sandstone available is bluestone. Though it might seem that sandstone is rough, you will be surprised to experience a smooth finish of the stone in the structure.


Landscape Stone Barrie

Landscape Stone Barrie

If you have installed flower beds in your landscape design Barrie, you could place a large boulder landscape stone to add dimension. You can add outdoor lighting features around the boulder stone to add drama to the landscape. If you don’t want to add a large boulder, you can always choose to add small boulder stones with a water feature. The water will flow over the small boulder while sparkling the sunlight onto the flower beds.

Lava rocks

When you are looking for natural stone types, you might want to check out lava rocks. They come from volcanic debris and have vibrant color variations such as coal black to stunningly beautiful red. You can also find these rocks in different sizes. You can use the rocks in place of mulch or grass in dry areas. Lava rocks can also retain water so they are great for your plants.


This landscape stone might be one of the favorite stones of it all. This stone is commonly used to make natural pathways, walkways, and many such endless possibilities. The stone has a soft texture and look. Hence, it can be used to add a gentle touch to different landscape structures. Moreover, limestone can also be used to bring a charming look to your house. If you want to know more about these landscape stones and how you can use them, you can get in touch with us at Hard Rock Landscaping. We are a leading landscaping Barrie Ontario company in the region providing high-quality landscaping services to residential and commercial properties. 

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