Factors to Consider Before Choosing Between Fireplace and Fire Pit

Do you want to extend your outdoor space and transform it into a magical yet cozy living space for your family? If so, adding a fire element to your outdoor landscaping can bring the best out of your outdoor living space.

Outdoor Fireplace Barrie

Outdoor Fireplace Barrie

Now you can choose between either an outdoor fireplace Barrie or an outdoor fire pit. Both these fire elements add magnificence to the outdoor space and provide the warmth you need. However, you need to make the right choice according to different factors including the budget, your lifestyle, and more. 

Let’s find out the factors that will govern your choice.

Your basic preferences

  • Start by considering your budget. Do you want a budget-friendly option or want to splurge some money? Fire pits are budget-friendly whereas fireplaces are expensive.
  • What is your purpose? If you want an informal gathering space, choose fire pits. But if you want to create a focal point, choose fireplaces. 
  • How much effort is needed for maintenance? Fire pits are easy to clean and hassle-free. However, the fireplace requires frequent maintenance. 
  • How much space do you have? You need to choose the option that fits your space. If you have a smaller outdoor space, fire pits are a better choice.
  • What are the local regulations? Make sure to check the local regulations for building a fire pit or fireplace. It can influence your choice.

Consult professionals

  • Is it feasible? Before installing a fire pit or fireplace, you must talk to Barrie landscaping professionals to understand whether it is feasible on your property. 
  • What should be the design and material? A professional landscaper will help you choose the right design and material to build a fire pit or fireplace. 

Consider long-term usability

  • Will your lifestyle change soon? Consider any lifestyle changes you might have in the future. If you are planning to have kids, you can install a fire pit to have family time. 
  • How will it affect the resale value of your home? A fireplace usually increases the value of the property as compared to a fire pit.
  • Outdoor Fireplace Barrie

    Outdoor Fireplace Barrie

    Will you renovate your landscaping anytime soon? Make sure to determine if you will renovate your landscaping soon. If so, consider how a fireplace or fire pit will fit into your plans. 

Once you have considered these factors, it is time to meet us at Hard Rock Landscaping. We are a professional landscaping company helping clients renovate and build magnificent landscapes for their residential and commercial properties. Whether you want to install a fireplace, fire pit, or just outdoor lighting Barrie Ontario, we have got you covered.

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