4 Armour Stone Structures to Enhance Your Landscape Design and Look

Bought a new house? Want to get a striking and gorgeous landscape? Or maybe you just want to renovate your landscape design and build some new structures that give your landscape or garden a beautiful look? 

In both cases, you can rely on using armour stone Barrie as it is one of the most preferred building materials since the Middle Ages. That says a lot about the utility and beauty of these stones! Armour stones are jaggedly cut stones that can stand the test of time.(Literally!)These stones bring a natural yet posh look to the garden or landscape. Just placing them strategically can help boost the appearance of the garden. However, you can use armour stones to build some striking and useful landscape structures. 

outdoor lighting barrieFlower Beds

Armour stones are known to retain soil and hence it makes them a perfect choice for flower beds. Since they can hold soil, these stones can offer compactness to the flower plants to grow healthily. Also, armour stones can easily blend with any type of flowering plants or shrubs you plant in the flower beds. 

Retaining Walls

There are plenty of reasons why armour stones are perfect for building retaining walls. Armour stones have a large size and hence they can handle harsh weather conditions, water, dust, and dirt without getting weak. In fact, if you ask any landscape design Barrie expert, they will say that armour stone gets more beautiful the more it weathers. 

Moreover, armour stones fit perfectly with each other, keep tight,and hence they don’t get loose over time. Armour stones are also used to make additional structures. For example, while building a retaining wall, you can also make an attached armour stone sitting bench. On one hand, it will give a sitting area, on the other, it will continue to serve the original purpose of stopping dust and dirt. 

Water Fountain

Thinking of buying a prefabricated water fountain? Stop right there! Armour stone water foundation might be a better choice. Armour stone makes any water fountain look more natural. And as mentioned above, armour stone can stand a lot of wear and tear due to water or snow. This makes them an ideal choice for water fountains. 

outdoor fireplace BarrieWalkways

Armour stones are also used to build walkways and for the right reasons. Armour stones can be placed in a way that they fit each other without the need for mortar. Also, armour stones are strong and durable that avoid any cracks due to root growth. 

So, if you are looking to change how your landscape looks, you can get one of the above structures built using armour stone. And our experts at Hard Rock Landscaping will be glad to help you. Being recognized as one of the leading Barrie landscaping companies in the region, we have transformed several residential and commercial landscapes using high-quality armour stones. 

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