Develop a Magnificent Garden Landscape Design Based on the Canadian Climate

Dreaming to create a tropical garden landscape design for your house in Canada? If so, we have to break it to you that a tropical garden is just not going to cut it out in harsh Canadian environments and weather.

Landscape Design Barrie

Landscape Design Barrie

Now, this doesn’t mean you can’t have a stunning landscaping design Barrie for your house in Canada. You certainly can! You just need to work with the local weather and choose plants and trees that can withstand such harsh climates to give you a lush green landscape. So, based on different climates in different regions of Canada, our experts have determined the type of plants you can get to develop a magnificent garden landscape design for your Canadian home.

The West Coast

This region has the wettest climates of all the other regions in Canada. Hence, a wide variety of plants can be planted in the landscapes of this region. This includes deciduous trees, especially the ones that have broad leaves. You can choose to plant delicate and soft plants such as flowers and vines. You can also choose to plant exotic plants on the West Coast including butterfly bushes, calla lilies, and more such colourful plants to add vibrancy to the overall landscape. 

Central Canada

This is a region where the climate varies greatly. Central Canada gets the climate benefits of the Northern Quebec chill and the Southern Ontario warmth. So, the environment is perfect for some of the iconic Canadian trees such as maple trees, cedar trees, and more. You can also plant cherry and plum trees in this weather.

The Prairies

When you want to create an ideal landscaping Barrie design in the prairies, you must choose plants and trees that can withstand the harsh drier, and freezing cold climates of this region. Juniper, Birch, and Siberian crabapple are some of the most popular hardy trees to plant in this region. You can also choose hardy flowering plants such as tulips, daffodils, lily-of-the-valley, and more. You need to choose plants that can organically flourish in the prairies.

The East Coast

Landscape Design Barrie

Landscape Design Barrie

Harsh winters with unforgiving cold winds from the ocean are characteristic of the east coast. Hence, you must choose trees that can thrive in such colder climates. You can choose plants like silver grass, Christmas roses, pines, aspens, and even sugar maple. The soil in this region is shallow and rocky, hence choose plants that can thrive in this type of soil.

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