4 Reasons Your Outdoor Fireplace Needs a Chimney

Renovating your landscape design and adding an outdoor fireplace Barrie is a great way to enhance the overall aesthetics of your house. Having an outdoor fireplace gives you a focal point to create a sitting area around it. This can give you a comfy place to relax or celebrate with your loved ones. But one question that several homeowners have while installing an outdoor fireplace is do they need a chimney with the outdoor fireplace.

In this blog, we will answer this question for you while telling you the reasons why it can be beneficial to install a chimney with your outdoor fireplace.

Does Your Outdoor Fireplace Need a Chimney?

Outdoor lighting Barrie Ontario

Outdoor Lighting Barrie Ontario

If you were to install an indoor fireplace, adding a chimney would be a no-brainer! However, when it comes to outdoor fireplaces, homeowners try to circumvent the addition of chimneys. But let us tell you that a chimney is a critical operational element of any fireplace, whether indoor or outdoor.

Reasons to install a chimney with an outdoor fireplace

  • Local Building Guidelines

When building a landscape design Barrie, you need to follow the local building guidelines which might demand the installation of a chimney with an outdoor fireplace. Following these guidelines is important to ensure the safety of residents and avoid legal actions.

  • Ventilation

You don’t want to choke due to fireplace smoke if the fireplace is built outdoors without a chimney. This can be especially important if your outdoor fireplace uses wood to function. Wood smoke must be removed to ensure the health and safety of residents and people around the house. Hence, adding a chimney for ventilation will remove smoke immediately.

  • Drafting

Wood fireplaces need oxygen to keep the fire going for a longer time. And a chimney can provide the required space for a draft of air to keep the fire going for a longer time without you lifting a finger.

Outdoor fireplaces will be meant to relax and not to stoke the fire now and then, which can get tedious over time. A chimney takes over this task and efficiently circulates sufficient oxygen for the fire to stay alive.

  • Enhance Aesthetics

Outdoor fireplace Barrie

Outdoor Fireplace Barrie

An outdoor fireplace with a chimney will drastically enhance the aesthetics of your landscape. Without a chimney, your fireplace will look incomplete. Having a chimney with an outdoor fireplace will give your outdoor space a rustic look.

So, there you have it! Your outdoor fireplace needs a chimney for several compelling reasons. If you want to know more about outdoor fireplaces, chimney designs, and landscaping services, contact us at Hard Rock Landscaping. Whether it is building your landscape from scratch or adding elements such as outdoor lighting Barrie Ontario to your existing design, we have got it all covered for you.

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