Two Ways to Strategically Place Outdoor Lighting Barrie

Have you just created a magnificent landscape design in your front and backyard? If so, you might be so proud of the overall look of your house. But don’t you want to show off this amazing landscape even in the evening and night? 

Of course, you do! After all, you have invested your time and money in creating such a wonderful landscape design for your house. The best way to show off this fantastic structure is by using outdoor lighting Barrie. Outdoor lighting helps you accentuate different aspects of your landscape design. For example, if you have some trees in your landscape, you can use outdoor lighting to create a focal point. Here’s how you can strategically place outdoor lighting fixtures. outdoor lighting Barrie

  • Uplighting

This type of outdoor lighting strategy includes using accent lighting that is fitted on the ground and turned up towards the tree. The light illuminates the tree from bottom to top. 

Uplighting will be done based on the type of trees you have in your landscaping Barrie Ontario

  1. Small deciduous trees need one accent lighting at an angle of 35°. 
  2. Medium deciduous trees need two accent lighting at an angle of 35°.
  3. Large deciduous trees need four accent lighting at different angles. One at 15° at the base, two accent lighting at angle 35° or 60° at the ground, and one at canopy on the same angles. 
  4. Fir trees will need two accent lighting that is placed far away from the base at an angle of 60°. 

Installing accent lights at such angles near trees will bring attention from the viewer. The landscape will look dramatic with focal points. 

  • Downlighting

If you want to create a subtle and inviting environment in your landscape, you can use the downlighting strategy. You don’t necessarily need big trees to use downlighting, instead, you can install accent lighting at gazebos or pergolas. However, if you have larger trees, you can install accent lighting on the trees and create a comfortable and cozy space in your landscape.

landscaping Barrie OntarioNo matter the choice of outdoor lighting, you need to ensure that you hire a professional company that has experience. They must know how to play with lighting to bring out the finest effects in your landscape. If you want to get expert assistance on outdoor lighting, get in touch with us at Hard Rock Landscaping. We are a leading company in Simcoe County that offers professional ideal landscaping Barrie services. Our experienced team will deliver the landscape and outdoor lighting design that you desire. Contact us now to know more.