Different Types of Landscaping Services Offered by Barrie Landscaping Companies

Have you been searching for Barrie landscaping companies? If so, you might have seen that several companies are offering different landscaping services. 

Yes, if you thought that landscaping services only include the design and construction of a landscape, you are mistaken. Landscaping services can include simple lawn mowing to create beautiful landscapes that even include golf greens. So, when you are looking for a landscaping company, you must make sure that the company is offering the landscaping services you need. Here are the different types of landscaping services offered by any landscaping company. 

Barrie landscaping companies

  • Basic Services

A landscaping company can offer basic services such as lawn mowing, leaf blower services, pruning, driveway, and walkway edging, cutting down tree branches, and more. Such companies will visit your house once a week to ensure that your landscape is neat and clean. 

  • Yardscaping

If you are looking for landscaping design Barrie companies that can help you install an irrigation system, create a pond, and more, you need to connect with a company that provides yardscaping services. These companies are slighting bigger than a basic landscape service company. They will also charge you thousands of dollars. Moreover, such companies will use contractors to complete the job. 

  • Landscape Architecture

If you want to build a new landscape for your house with new exciting designs and features, you must contact a company that provides landscape architecture services. Such companies are run by individuals who have an official degree in design and architecture. They use sophisticated and advanced software to create a landscape design that will consider different factors such as seasonal temperature, the position of the sun and shade, the type of trees you want, water features, and more. landscaping design Barrie

  • Commercial Landscape 

If you are looking for landscaping services for your business space, you need to choose a company that offers commercial landscape services specifically. Since this is a large-scale job, the companies need to have acute experience in working on the commercial landscape. They need to have the right paperwork, liability insurance, and more. 

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