Six Steps to Build a DIY Retaining Wall in Your Garden

The garden landscape is an important space for any homeowner. With several attractive and aesthetic features, the garden landscape can enhance the overall appearance of any house. One of the essential features of any landscaping Barrie Ontario is a retaining wall. This structure can help your landscape in several ways. Apart from providing an aesthetic look, retaining walls also help prevent soil erosion and water runoff. It also prevents water flooding and protects your garden from damage. It also helps level your outdoor space giving a cohesive look to your garden property.

Garden Retaining Wall

Garden Retaining Wall

As any other homeowner if you are taking a DIY approach to building retaining walls, here are the steps you can follow.

Prepare and Plan

Take time to prepare and plan for building the retaining wall. This will include marking the area where you want to construct the retaining wall and determining the slope and soil condition. This will also include taking any permits from the local government to build the wall.

Level the area with excavation

Once you have everything scoped, you need to excavate the area. This will help you level the soil, and remove any rocks, vegetation, and any other debris to smoothen the area effectively. Also, if you have any electric equipment installed near the retaining wall construction area such as outdoor lighting Barrie, make sure to remove it too to clear the space.

Put Drain Pipes

You don’t want to accumulate water around the wall. Hence, make sure to put drain pipes in place to direct the water away from the wall.

Gather the Materials

Now you can gather all the materials needed to construct the retaining walls such as brick, concrete blocks, timber, natural stone, and more. You can cut these materials into the desired size and shape to build the wall.

Construct the Wall

Garden Retaining Wall Construction

Garden Retaining Wall Construction

Once you have everything ready, you can start constructing the wall. Start by putting the first layer of stones. Make sure they are at a level with the ground. Put a layer of adhesive or mortar and put the next layer of stones. Keep doing this until you get the desired height of the wall.

Finishing Touch

Once your retaining wall is built, you can add finishing touches such as smoothing out the sides, adding some climber plants to give it a more natural look and more. You can follow these steps to build a DIY retaining wall in your garden. However, to get more precise and expert construction, get in touch with us at Hard Rock Landscaping. We are amongst the leading Barrie landscaping companies to provide landscaping and retaining wall construction services along with pathways, walkways, driveways, and more.

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