Fix These 4 Garden Problems Before Spring Arrives

Spring is around the corner! This means it is time to take a look at your garden and landscaping design Barrie

Winter is usually harsh for your garden property. It can damage your favorite plants and trees. Moreover, damage to your garden will also reduce the overall appeal of the landscape design. Hence, before spring is here, make sure you fix these lawn problems immediately. 

Damage by Volesgarden damage by voles

Small, burrowing animals who love to eat lawn grass known as voles can damage your garden during winter. These rodents take shelter under the snow, uproot the grass, and eat them from the roots. 

So, when the snow melts away, you will find destroyed grass in the garden. Start by mowing your lawn and keeping the height of the grass blades to 2 inches. This will prevent the voles from damaging it any further. Moreover, overseed your lawn to get thick grass by spring. 

Snow mold removal

Another issue you will encounter in your garden after winter is snow mold. Once the snow melts, you will see discolored, wilted patches of grass. This happens due to snow mold. 

As mentioned above, you need to mow your lawn grass and overseed to get new, lush green lawn grass. 

Bare patches in the lawn

Vole damage and snow mold can result in bare patches in the lawn. Now, on one hand, you can prepare the soil and plant lawn grass again. However, if you don’t want to plant new grass, you can always use landscape stone Barrie to create an attractive landscape design and renovate the overall appearance. 

You will find different types of landscape stones available on the market. Based on your current landscape design and focal points, you can cover the bare patches by strategically placing landscape stone structures. You can contact a professional landscaping company for the same. 

Soil compactionsoil compaction

Snow and heavy foot traffic can cause soil compaction during winter. Compacted soil is not suitable for your favorite plants to grow. The plant roots can’t penetrate deeper in compacted soil. 

To loosen the soil, you must aerate it. You can get a lawn aerator to create holes in the soil and aerate it effectively. You can also call a professional company to reduce soil compaction and handle any other garden issues. 

At Hard Rock Landscaping, we not only provide landscaping services but will also advise and help you beautify your garden effectively. We use computer-aided technology and high-quality materials such as armour stone Barrie to create magnificent landscapes for residential and commercial spaces. 

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