Native Plants are a Great Addition to Your Landscape Design Barrie

Trees and plants are an integral part of having a fantastic landscape design Barrie. If you are looking to renovate your landscape and include a plethora of plants and trees, this blog post is for you! 

When deciding on which types of trees and plants you want, you certainly have numerous options. However, you might want to include a greater number of native plants rather than exotic ones. 

Now we know native plants seem like a fancy word, however, it simply means plants that grow and thrive in the local environment. Native plants are a great choice to include in your landscape design. And don’t just take our word for it! Our experts tell you the four reasons native plants are a great choice for your landscape. landscape design Barrie

  • Support Environment

Since native plants grow in the local environment, they are easy to handle. They need less water, fewer pesticides, and fertilizers. Moreover, native plants also create a great place for local wildlife to have a place to live. These plants contribute to maintaining the local ecosystem in the region. 

  • Serves Crucial Client Purposes

Most clients such as you want trees and plants in their landscaping design Barrie to ensure privacy and create a sound and noise barrier from your surroundings. Native plants when placed strategically will help you create the necessary barrier to fulfill your needs. 

  • Preserves Soil Water Level

We all know that most regions struggle to maintain the soil water level. However, planting native plants in your landscape helps you improve the local situation. The roots of native plants are habituated with the soil structure thus run deep in the soil. The benefit? Prevention of water runoff, less erosion, more soil compaction, thus maintaining the soil water level. 

  • They are Beautiful

Finally, native plants are beautiful and fantastic! Don’t think native plants mean some random wildflower garden. Absolutely not! You have a wide choice of colourful, fragrant, and beautiful native plants to choose from.

landscaping design BarrieOverall, native plants are a way better choice for your landscape rather than exotic plants. If you want to create a landscape design with native plants, strategic placements of armour stone and boulders, contact us at Hard Rock Landscaping. 

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