Fantastic Ideas to Use Landscape Stone in Your Design

When you think of creating a beautiful landscape for your residential property, all you can think of is plants, shrubs, and trees. However, you may forget a crucial component of the landscape that can add wonderful features. And that is using landscape stone Barrie in the most creative way that adds exciting design elements to your landscape. 

Now, if you are thinking about how you can use landscape stone in your design, you must read this blog post. Our experts suggest fantastic ideas to use landscape stone most effectively. 

landscape stone Barrie

  • Border Wall

This is the simplest way to use landscape stone. You can use boulders and stone to create a border wall or rock wall in your landscape. You can create a smaller rock wall around your patios that can also work as a seating area if you have more people around. 

  • Boulder Fire

Customize your landscape stone designs such as boulder fire. You can ask the expert landscape designer to create a fireplace in your boulder to give your place a rustic and natural look. 

  • Water Features

Yes, you can use landscape stone and boulders to create stunning water features in your landscape design. For example, you can have a pondless waterfall. With an underground reservoir, water can flow over the boulder and disappear to the bottom. You can use outdoor lighting Barrie to highlight the waterfall. This can become a statement piece in your landscape.

  • Natural Look

Maybe you prefer a natural look for your landscape. Maybe you want to avoid a modern look for your landscape. In such a case, landscape stone, boulders, and armour stone are the best way to add natural elements to the landscape. 

Landscape stone can help you bring out the best features of your landscape. Hence, make sure that you have some plans for the same. 

outdoor lighting BarrieNow, you can take a DIY approach to find ideas on how to use landscape stone. Or you can take help from professional landscape designers in your region. If you are in Simcoe County, you can connect with us at Hard Rock Landscaping. 

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