Improve Your Landscape Design in Barrie with Landscape Layering

Do you want to change your landscape design Barrie? If so, you might want to consider multi-layering your landscape with the right plants and trees. Layering the garden landscape can help your landscape design pop and increase the overall curb appeal of your house.

However, before you begin to layer the garden, here are a few things you should know.

Basics of layering        

landscape design Barrie

Landscape Design Barrie

You might know what a layered cake looks like. It has a vertical space with multiple layers. And the decoration on such a cake is done from top to bottom, considering the height of each layer. Similarly, your garden space also has a vertical space that can be planted with different trees based on their heights. You need to start from the top. The top of your garden landscape will have trees that can touch the sky. The next layer will have tall shrubs and smaller trees. This will be followed by medium-sized plants. The next layer will have colourful perennial plants. And finally, the ground cover will have ground-hugging plants and grasses.

Consider the climate

When layering your Barrie landscaping, make sure to consider the climate. In Canada, you have to consider the winter climate especially.

Barrie landscaping

Barrie Landscaping

Winter in Canada is harsh and full of snow. Your garden will be covered with snow. So, it must look like a winter wonderland with the right layering of plants. At the same time, you must consider how the snow melts in the spring. You don’t want puddles of water accumulating in the garden soil. If that happens, your house’s basement and other structures might get wet, causing structural problems. So, you want the melted snow to be absorbed by the plants. You must have trees that are super absorbent and immediately soak up the water accumulated in spring.

Maintenance of layering

Finally, you must understand how to maintain the different layers in your garden landscape. You must invest in mulching, pruning, hedging, and other plant maintenance methods. You must also prepare your garden before winter sets in. If you have any delicate plants, make sure to protect them. Give the plants a final supply of water before winter sets in. Make sure to conduct an annual assessment of your plants to remove older plants and add new plants to the layers. This will always keep your garden landscape looking fresh and vibrant.


So, as much as you must focus on the aesthetics of layering your garden, you must also consider its functionality.

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