Difference Between Interlock Patios and Wooden Decks

Do you want to set up a communal area outside your house that is distinct from your landscape but also part of it? If so, you are looking at developing either a wooden deck or a Barrie interlock patio. Now, most homeowners think, decks and patios are somehow the same thing. They give a common area for your family and friends to gather and spend quality time.

However, this is a misconception! Decks and patios differ from each other in a lot of aspects. Knowing this difference can help you make an informed decision and build a structure that fulfills your requirements. So, let’s learn about the difference between decks and interlock patios.

Structural differences

Interlock Barrie

Interlock Barrie

Wooden decks and interlock patios are structurally different from each other. On one hand, wooden decks are built a few feet above the ground, extending 5-10 meters outside from the house. Decks have steps and railings for people to move up and down while getting support. On the otherhand, patios touch the ground. There can be little to no space between the patios and the house. There are no steps or railings in an interlock patio.

Adding value to the home

Decks and interlock Barrie patios add value to the home but there is a difference. When you build a deck, you will get only a 75% return on investment. Whereas interlock patios give a 100% return on investment. This has to do with the way these two structures are built and maintained. (More on that below)

Construction process

There is a drastic difference in the way decks and interlock patios are constructed. Interlock patios are way easier to build. All you have to do is snap together interlock bricks to build your patio. However, with decks, the process is lengthy and complicated. Steps like cutting, preparation, nailing, and planning are part of the deck construction process. You will need professional help to construct a wooden deck.


Decks are high maintenance. You need to clean, stain, and seal the decks to maintain them in the best condition. The products required to maintain the deck are expensive thus making the maintenance expensive. Whereas interlock patios don’t need much maintenance. You need to only clean them from time to time.


Landscaping Barrie

Landscaping Barrie

While building and maintaining wooden decks is expensive and time-consuming, they also provide you with a stunning outdoor area. Interlock patios can also be a good choice as an outdoor structure. The choice is entirely yours, based on your budget and long-term requirements.

We at Hard Rock Landscaping will be glad to help you. Being one of the top ten landscaping Barrie companies, we know how to construct decks and patios in their full glory. Call us now to know more.