Here’s How to Use Outdoor Lighting to Light Up Your Backyard

Have you just renewed your backyard landscape? While your backyard will keep shining bright during the day, what about the night? Maybe you want to host parties at night in your newly constructed backyard. Or maybe you just want to have a quiet place to have some relaxing time after a hectic workday. 

In any case, it would be wise to light up your backyard using outdoor lighting Barrie Ontario to ensure a magnificent ambiance during the night. Here are a few outdoor lighting ideas to use while decorating your backyard. 

Outdoor Lighting Barrie Ontario

Outdoor lighting Barrie Ontario

Ceramic Lanterns

Your backyard will certainly have a sitting area. To provide soft lighting, you can use ceramic lanterns and place them in the corners of the sitting area. Moreover, if you have a focal point in your backyard, you can also place a few smaller ceramic lanterns around it to attract the attention of the viewer. 

Under-Bench Trim Light

If you have bench-style sitting on one side, you can use under-bench trim lights. This light strip will go under the bench and provide the same effect as cove lighting but from below. Using under-bench trim light also provides an easy way to view things around the sitting area during the dark. 

String Lights and Paper Lanterns

Another outdoor lighting Barrie idea popular with backyard lighting is using string lights and paper lanterns string lights. These types of lights are good over the sitting area or outdoor dining area. In any case, these types of lights will provide a comfy ambiance. When you have family or friends over, you can have a fun dinner time under this type of lighting.

Outdoor Wall Lights

Have you got a striking accent wall in your backyard near the sitting area? If so, you need to highlight this accent wall during the night too. And outdoor wall lights can provide you with a great way to light up the accent wall effectively. Based on the width of your accent wall, you can install 2-3 outdoor wall lights. 

landscaping Barrie OntarioPendant Lighting

This type of lighting is great if you have created a reading corner in your backyard. Pendant lights can hang directly above the reading chair giving you ample light to avoid straining your eyes. These types of lights are also used in commercial spaces such as restaurants to light up individual tables. 

Outdoor lighting can be a great addition to your backyard enhancing the overall look. If you need any more outdoor lighting ideas or services, you can get in touch with us at Hard Rock Landscaping. We are amongst the leading Barrie landscaping companies providing high-quality landscaping service along with ideas to decorate your landscape effectively. 

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