4 Striking Outdoor Lighting Effects to Enhance Landscape Aesthetics

Have you recently invested in redesigning your landscape design? Have you made sure that it looks magnificent and attractive to your guests? If so, you would be excited to flaunt the beautiful features of your house landscape for your guests and the neighbourhood. Now, during the daytime, noticing the exciting features of your landscape is easy due to natural light. But what about when it gets dark? You want your landscape to shine at every moment of the day and night. And thus, comes outdoor lighting Barrie into the picture.

Outdoor lighting, when placed strategically, can be a game-changer for your landscape design and garden. But where do you place your outdoor lighting fixtures to give different effects to your landscape? Let’s find out!


Outdoor Lighting Barrie

Outdoor Lighting Barrie

You want to create a dramatic effect in your landscape for certain features. And silhouetting can give the desired effect. To get this effect, you must place the light behind the feature facing the wall. This creates a soft lighting effect while enhancing the landscaping features. Silhouetting can be used for landscaping features such as dense, evergreen shrubs, planters, and more.


You can highlight critical types of planters, statues, and fountains with a highlighting effect. You must place the light at the bottom of the feature facing the feature upwards. This will help you give the landscape feature colour, shape, and form. In fact, you can use lighting with multicoloured light features, which can be used during the festive season.


If you have a designer and striking wall in your landscaping design Barrie, you will want to highlight it by giving it a washing effect. To get this effect, buy a low-wattage, wide-angle flood light. Place the light slightly far away, at the bottom of the wall. This will give it a soft lighting effect while creating an ambient glow on the designer wall.


You can create magical shadows of different landscape features such as perfectly manicured plants on the walls of your house. You need to place the soft light at the bottom of the feature and angle it up. This will help you create bigger shadows on the wall behind the feature. Using perfectly manicured plants will provide movement to the shadows during the breeze.

Outdoor Lighting Barrie

Outdoor Lighting Barrie

Now, you know how outdoor lighting can help you shine different features of your landscape. In fact, it can help you create different lighting effects in your landscape enhancing the overall aesthetics. To learn more about outdoor lighting designs and perspective, get in touch with us at Hard Rock Landscaping. We are a leading, tech-driven landscaping company in the region offering our services to residential and commercial properties. We work with a wide variety of materials such as bricks, armour stones, natural landscape stone Barrie, and so much more.

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